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There are countless reasons that so many people find it necessary to travel abroad. Unfortunately, many of these global travelers find that placing and receiving mobile calls when they are traveling abroad can prove to be considerably costly. Which is precisely why careful planning and preparation before jetpacking around the world, can make all the difference in to ensure that there are no pricey surprises when you receive your phone bill following business or pleasure travel abroad. In fact, one of the most reliable media companies that provides that assurance is EE!

Whether you are a new or existing EE customer, EE is sure to keep you covered when it comes to your abroad travel. However, an important reminder is that it is crucial to understand your current coverage and potential coverage that may be required when your plane lands in another country. When it comes to traveling abroad, there is a tremendous amount of planning and preparation that is required, and that is why so many people often tend to unintentionally overlook their phone plan. Most specifically if they are even capable of making and receiving calls and texts while out of the country, and also just how much exactly it is going to be costing them. If you are planning on heading out of the UK or Ireland for travel, be sure to visit the incredibly helpful EE website for all the details and information that may answer your questions and better allow you to prepare yourself and your phone for traveling abroad.

When you log on to the EE  website, hover over the Help tab and then click on “Calling or Going Abroad” which is located under “Price Plans and Add-Ons”. You will then be redirected to all of the useful information that EE has to provide you for guidance, pricing, and solutions to assist you in planning your phone and/or device for heading abroad.
The Calling or Going Abroad web page additionally provides you with an abundance of helpful tips and information that better allows you to plan ahead. Offering tips such as contacting EE customer service to ensure that your phone is not barred for abroad usage, and even how to enable data roaming. They even allow you the option to estimate how much you will likely be paying to make and receive calls and texts while you are abroad by way of using their Roaming Tool. And in the event that your phone is unfortunately lost or stolen during your travels, there are several options that walk you through what to do and also ensure that you are covered through EE.

Regardless of what situation requires your abroad travel, you can be sure that you are going to receive only the best service and pricing options through EE. Be sure and check out their helpful website for walkthrough-guidance and of course pricing options. Be sure to take note of their helpful EE number that you may want to pack in your suitcase in the event that any unfortunate issue arises during your travels.

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